Monday, January 4, 2010

Poo on plane!

Ok People I know that those of you who travel with kids have some adjustments and hardships but really there are a few things that do not go together and a few of them are confined places and diaper changing!  

On my flight back from Dallas Fort Worth to Vancouver in a very crowed plane I was unlucky enough to encounter both.  Yes that's right.  Two rows up from me a lovely couple with a two to three year old decided to share the wonders of parenthood with all of their fellow travelers by yes you guessed it - changing their child's diaper at their seat.  

Now while I can appreciate that changing a diaper in the spacious airplane laboratories can be challenging it really could not be more challenging than pissing off everyone seated within 20 rows of you by changing a diaper at your seat!  Seriously people!  This diaper was not the number one variety, no it was the number 2 variety.  And seriously I don't know what this kid ate but that was the most putrid stinky shite diaper I have ever smelled!  Now I certainly do not claim to be a shitty diaper expert or even a parent but this was really gross.  Actually it was disgusting and we all got a good wiff for what seemed like eternity when you are trapped on an airplane surrounded by shite (literally) smell. I though it was bad when on my previous flight the "gentleman" in front of me ripped a fart that also stank but it was nothing compared to the diaper. I thought the guy in front of me was going to hurl or at least reach for the oxygen mask.  Did I also mention timing.  These parents decided to change said diaper during the dinner hour.  When the rest of us were receiving our complimentary 1 and only drink from the cheap ass airline and while trying to consume our airport meals bought at an astronomical price at our gates prior to boarding said flight.  

I shouldn't say these parents decided to change to diaper because I am pretty sure that it isn't a decision so much as a necessity but the whole situation could have used an injection of some serious common sense.  

I personally loved it when after the diaper had been changed the stewardess decided that was the time to tell the parents that in future they should use the "lavoratory". Really?  I mean she couldn't have mentioned that when they we pulling down the kids pants and pulling out a clean diaper out of their bag?  Since she was about 2 feet away from them when this whole situation was going down!

It's not that I don't think babies, kids and/or families shouldn't travel on planes or that even all parents would even consider doing this but I just think for those people out there who in future might be traveling with babies and shite filled diapers could you please use the lavatory in future?  Your fellow plane travelers will thank you for it.

Food For Thought

"In America there are two classes of travel - first class, and with children.  ~Robert Benchley"

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  1. It does seem very unreasonable, and didn't the cabin crew,explain to them that this was very unreasonable??